(A)   Standards for registration of REPs.  Registrations will be processed administratively by city.
      (1)   A REP shall register within 30 days after the effective date of this chapter or 30 days after providing retail electric service to any resident of city, whichever is later.
      (2)   A REP shall register with city by completing a form approved by the Commission, and signed by an owner, partner, officer or other authorized representative of the registering party. Forms may be submitted to city by mail or facsimile.
      (3)   City shall review the submitted form for completeness, including the remittance of the registration fee. Within 15 days of receipt of an incomplete registration, city shall notify the registering party in writing of the deficiencies in the registration. The registering party shall have 20 business days from the issuance of the notification to cure the deficiencies. If the deficiencies are not cured within 20 business days, city shall notify the registering party that the registration is rejected without prejudice.
   (B)   Information. City shall require a REP to provide only the information set forth below. A REP shall provide all of the following information on the Commission’s prescribed form to city:
      (1)   The legal name(s) of the retail electric provider and all trade and commercial names;
      (2)   The registering party’s certificate number, as approved under the rules of the Texas Public Utility Commission and the docket number under which the certification was granted by the Commission.
      (3)   The Texas business address, mailing address and principal place of business of the registering party. The business address provided shall be a physical address that is not a post office box;
      (4)   The name, physical business address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address for a Texas regulatory contact person and for an agent for service of process, if a different person;
      (5)   Toll-free telephone number for the customer service department or the name, title and telephone number of the customer service contact person;
      (6)   The types of electric customer classes that the REP intends to serve within the municipality; and
      (7)   The location of each office maintained by the registering person within the municipal boundaries, including postal address, physical address, telephone number, hours of operation, and listing of the services available through each office.
   (C)   Registration fees. REPs shall pay a reasonable administrative fee for the purpose of registration.
      (1)   Each retail electric provider required to register under this chapter shall pay to the city an initial registration fee in the amount of $25.
      (2)   A REP shall pay a late fee of $15 if the REP fails to register within 30 days after this chapter requiring registration becomes effective or 30 days after providing retail electric service to any resident of the municipality, whichever is later.
   (D)   Post-registration requirements and re-registration.
      (1)   A REP shall notify city within 30 days of any change in information provided in its registration. In addition, a REP shall notify city within ten days if it discontinues offering service to residents of city.
      (2)   City shall not require REPs to file periodic reports regarding complaints, or any other matter, as part of the registration process.
      (3)   City shall not require a periodic re-registration process or fee.
      (4)   City shall not require a REP to re-register unless a REP’s registration is revoked and that the REP subsequently cures its defects and resumes operations. In that circumstance, the REP may register in the same manner as the new REP.
(2005 Code, § 17-4-2)