If the City of Heath, Texas, decides that it no longer wishes to regulate on-site sewage facilities in its area of jurisdiction, the City Council shall follow the procedures outlined below:
   (A)   The City Council shall inform the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality by certified mail at least 30 days before the published date of the public hearing notice that it wishes to relinquish its On-Site Sewage Facility Ordinance;
   (B)   The authorized agent shall post the required public notice in a newspaper regularly published or circulated in the area of jurisdiction at least 30 days prior to the anticipated date of action by the authorized agent;
   (C)   The authorized agent shall send a copy of the public notice, a publisher’s affidavit of public notice, and a certified copy of the minutes to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality;
   (D)   The executive director shall process the request for relinquishment and may issue an order relinquishing the authority to regulate OSSF’s within the authorized agent’s jurisdiction or may refer the request to relinquish to the Commission; and
   (E)   Prior to issuance of a relinquishment order the local government entity and the executive director shall determine the exact date the authorized agent would surrender its authorized agent designation to the executive director.
(2005 Code, § 11-1-12)  (Ord. 040819C, passed - -)