(A)   The Building Official may routinely inspect on-site sewage facilities to assure continued compliance with these rules. The Building Official shall inspect any on-site system that is believed to be causing pollution, a threat to the public health, nuisance conditions, will be or is illegally installed, or was or is being altered, without complying with these rules and based on a creditable complaint, or other information available, and may inspect any new on-site sewage facility should the conditions existing at the time of licensing be found to have changed.  If upon inspection, it is found that pollution, a threat to public health, or nuisance condition exists, or an unpermitted installation or alteration was performed, the owner of the on-site sewage facility will be notified in writing of the violation, the notice to include what problems must be remedied to achieve compliance, and setting a reasonable amount of time to achieve compliance. The on-site sewage facility shall be reinspected at the expiration of the allotted time.
   (B)   If the facility is found to be in compliance, a license therefor may be issued or the existing license may be modified.
(2005 Code, § 11-1-10)