(A)   Residence size shall be limited to:
      (1)   Three bedrooms where lot size is less than 15,000 square feet; and
      (2)   Four bedrooms where lot size is greater than 15,000 square feet, but less than one-half acres.
   (B)   Only those systems approved by the North Texas Municipal Water District may be used.
   (C)   For front entry lots, septic systems shall be built in the rear of the lot and for rear entry lots, septic systems shall be built in the front unless it can be demonstrated that there is sufficient land area available on the lot to do otherwise.
   (D)   A sewer service lateral shall be installed from the residence to the street or other property line as determined by the city. This lateral shall be designed and constructed with valves and caps so that the septic system may be taken out of service without any additional construction, once city service is brought to the property line and connection is made to the city sewer system.
   (E)   Before a building permit can be issued, a detailed site plan and lot grading plan of the lot shall be prepared and submitted to the city for review.  Plans shall show, at the minimum, the following:
      (1)   Horizontal location.
         (a)   The lot dimensions and property line bearings.
         (b)   The dimensions and location in relationship to the property line of the following:
            1.   The residence and all structures.
            2.   The driveway and sidewalks.
            3.   The septic tanks including capacity in gallons.
      (2)   Vertical location.
         (a)   Grading plan of the lot showing one foot contours and spot elevations at the corners of the residence and every 50 feet along drainage ditches and swales.
         (b)   Finished floor elevation of the residence and other structures;
         (c)   Finished grade elevations over the center of each septic tank; and
         (d)   Flow line of each septic tank.
   (F)   The construction of any structure or the placing of any impervious material or covering on or over any septic tank is prohibited.
   (G)   The property owner shall be required to connect to city service within three months from the date a city sewer lateral is brought to any of the owners property lines. Should the owner fail to connect, the city may connect the residence to the sewer system and place a lien on the property in the amount of the cost of the connection.
(2005 Code, § 11-1-9)