(A)   In order to be deemed dissimilar for purposes of § 153.065 above the following characteristics as to any dwelling unit shall apply:
      (1)   One-story/two-story;
      (2)   Variations in roof design; or
      (3)   The addition or deletion of design elements such as dormers, gables or cupolas and the like; and
   (B)   Any two of the following characteristics:
      (1)   Exterior material type and color;
      (2)   Window and entry design;
      (3)   Color and style of roof material;
      (4)   Reversal of plan orientation from right to left or left to right; and/or
      (5)   Variation in architectural styles.
(2005 Code, § 14-7-2)  (Ord. 990408A, passed - -)