(A)   Installation.    A network provider shall obtain advance written consent from the City Council before collocating new network nodes or installing new node support poles in an area of the city that has been zoned or otherwise designated as a historic district or as a design district if the district has decorative poles. The network provider shall be required to comply with the general aesthetic requirements specified in the city's design manual and as set forth in this section. The city has the authority and discretion to designate new historic districts and design districts any time, including subsequent to the adoption of this subchapter.
   (B)   Concealment; submission of proposal for camouflage. Concealment of network nodes and node support poles shall be required by the city in design districts with decorative poles and in historic districts pursuant to Tex. Local Gov't Code, § 284.105. All new node support poles shall be camouflaged as much as possible, except those in Locations that are zoned for predominantly industrial uses. Network providers shall submit its proposal for camouflage with its permit application.
   (C)   Enclosure. The Network node facilities shall be concealed or enclosed as much as reasonably possible in an equipment box, cabinet, or other unit that may include ventilation openings. External cables and wires hanging off a pole shall be sheathed or enclosed in a conduit, so that wires are protected and not visible or visually minimized, to the extent possible, in strict accordance with this subchapter and other applicable ordinances, except to the extent not consistent with Tex. Local Gov't Code, Chapter 284.
   (D)   Color. Colors in historic districts and design districts must be approved by the City Manager from a palette of approved colors. Unless otherwise provided, all colors shall be earth tones or shall match the background of any structure the facilities are located upon and all efforts shall be made by network provider for the colors to be inconspicuous. Colors in areas other than in historic districts and design districts shall conform to colors of other installations of telecommunication providers in immediately adjacent areas that do not violate this section or the design manual.
(Ord. 170822A, passed 8-22-2017)