(A)   The City Council hereby approves and adopts the current NTMWD Model Drought Contingency Plan (the “Plan”), as may be amended from time to time and as confirmed by the City of Rockwall. The city commits to implement the requirements and procedures set forth in the adopted Plan.
   (B)   In accordance with the Plan, the City Manager or his or her designee shall have the authority to designate, implement and terminate the states of the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan.
   (C)   Any customer, defined pursuant to 30 TAC Ch. 291, failing to comply with the provisions of the Plan shall be subject to a fine of up to $2,000 and/or discontinuance of water service by the city. Proof of a culpable mental state is not required for a conviction of an offense under this section. Each day a customer fails to comply with the Plan is a separate violation. The city’s authority to seek injunctive or other civil relief available under the law is not limited by this section.
(Ord. 060518A, passed - -2006; Ord. 070503B, passed 5-3-2007; Ord. passed 6-21-2007; Ord. 111018, passed 10-18-2011)
Statutory reference:
   Water rights, see Tex. Water Code, § 11.1272