Initial application. An applicant wishing to have an application reviewed for a HDIP grant or incentive will complete and submit an application to the Downtown Coordinator.
   (A)   The Downtown Coordinator will perform a preliminary review of the document to assure that the nature of the project and the business are each eligible under the terms of the program and have produced the required documentation established by the HDIP. The applicant will be notified by the Downtown Coordinator of any deficiencies in the application.
   (B)   The Downtown Coordinator will then review which grants or incentives are being requested and will verify that there are adequate resources budgeted to meet at least some of the request.
   (C)   The Downtown Coordinator will evaluate the application and will present a recommendation regarding the disposition of the application at the next scheduled meeting of the HDIP Committee.
   (D)   The HDIP Committee will make a determination as to whether an application will be provisionally accepted or will be denied. The applicant will be notified by the Downtown Coordinator of this decision within 30 days. An applicant submitting applications which are not accepted by the Committee will be advised of the Committee's action by the Downtown Coordinator and advised of any deficiencies in the application.
   (E)   Applicants whose application is denied may appeal the decision to the City Commissioners within 30 days of the denial by submitting a written statement of appeal stating the facts the applicant would like the City Commissioners to consider in the appeal.  The appeal will be filed with the City Clerk to be presented to the City Commissioners for a vote at the next regular city meeting.  The applicant submitting the appeal is not required to attend the city meeting but may do so if they wish.  The results of any such appeal will be honored by the HDIP.
   (F)   The HDIP may issue final approval to any provisionally approved application once sufficient funds have been placed into the HDIP Account, if the funding is available and upon approval of the City Commission.  The applicant must enter into a binding agreement with the city accepting the terms and conditions of the grant or incentive.  Final approval will be granted subject to the following restrictions:
      (1)   In general, the application processing shall be done on a first-come, first-serve basis.
      (2)   Applications submitted are valid for one year from the date of submittal. It is the responsibility of the applicant to resubmit prior to this expiration date.
      (3)   Applications that have final approval may be revoked at any time, at the sole discretion of the city.
      (4)   Only one grant or incentive can be approved per property at one time.
(Ord. 2020-06, passed 12-18-19)