In all cases where the ownership of land is divided for the purpose of eventual development of lots of any kind, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, the provisions of the subdivision regulations in Chapter 155, heretofore adopted for the city and all amendments thereto, shall apply in addition to the provisions of the zoning code.  It is desirable that access points to the arterial streets serving all zoning districts shall be located no more frequently than once every one-quarter of a mile.  Topography and traffic volumes shall determine the exact locations.  Heavy arterial traffic volumes demand greater access spacing.  Along any arterial street where subdivided land and its minor streets are not sufficiently developed to permit acceptably spaced access points, the Planning Commission may approve the platting of temporary access points and may require that temporary access points be eliminated by the developer when minor streets or marginal access streets are extended to the approved permanent access points.  These requirements shall be listed as special conditions on the recorded final plat. Access points shall also meet federal and state standards where applicable.
(Ord. 920.1, passed  -  -  )