§ 156.02  DEFINITIONS.
   For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "CITY."  City of Hazard, Kentucky.
   "COMMERCIAL PROPERTY." Any property located in the Downtown area, regardless of current use, that will be used for commercial purposes.
   "DOWNTOWN." The areas of Main Street, High Street and Memorial Drive, including all streets adjacent to these areas, are the primary focus of the incentives. This area is known as the "B-1 Downtown Business District" on city zoning maps.  North Main Street to the Walker Town Bridge and East Main Street to the Woodland Park Bridge will be considered in the Downtown area but will be secondary to the primary areas of focus.
   "DOWNTOWN COORDINATOR."  An employee assigned to oversee the HDIP.
   "FACADE." An individual storefront or side of a building that faces a public street or public alley with public access. Separate addresses within a single building may qualify as separate facades.
   "HDIP COMMITTEE."  A committee that has final approval over all incentives, consisting of the Downtown Coordinator, City Manager and city's Chief Financial Officer.
   "HDIP ACCOUNT." The financial account to be established as a depository of all funds dedicated to the HDIP program.
   "HISTORIC BUILDING."  Per Kentucky law, a building of a certain age or a building that may have cultural or aesthetic value.
   "REHABILITATION." The process of returning an existing structure to a state of utility through repair or alteration which makes possible an efficient contemporary use.
   "TARGET BUSINESS." Business types which are targeted for the purposes of creating a healthy mix of diverse businesses in Downtown based, in part, on the businesses located in the district at any given time. These business types will be determined at least annually by the Downtown Coordinator with approval from the City Manager.
(Ord. 2020-06, passed 12-18-19)