§ 34.50  DEPORTMENT.
   (A)   A member of the Fire Department shall:
      (1)   At all times conduct himself in a manner creditable to the Fire Department.
      (2)   Be fit for and subject to duty at all times, except when on sick report.
      (3)   At all times promptly answer the calls and obey the orders of his superior officers in all matters pertaining to Fire Department business.
      (4)   Always be civil, quiet, orderly, and, above all things, courteous in deportment toward everyone; avoid the use of coarse, violent, or profane language; when asked a question, answer it carefully and courteously and not dismiss the matter with a short, abrupt reply.
      (5)   Always treat his superiors with respect and the public and his associates with courtesy and consideration, refraining from jealousy and other unkind feeling.
      (6)   Serve the city with zeal, courage, discretion, and fidelity and shall not improperly disclose any order or instructions given him.
   (B)   No member of the Fire Department shall:
      (1)   Drink intoxicating liquors while in uniform, or smoke or chew gum or tobacco while in court.  Members in civilian clothes shall not drink intoxicating liquor while on duty, nor shall they chew gum or tobacco in court.
      (2)   Except in the line of duty, visit when on duty any place of illegal manufacture, sale, or storage of intoxicants; any place of questionable character, such as houses of i11-fame, gambling, poolrooms, and the like, nor associate or consort with the habitues thereof; any place of amusement; any place of business; or any residence.
      (3)   Under any circumstances make use of his membership in the Fire Department to compromise merchants for the purpose of obtaining discounts or accept or solicit any bribe or favor for any purpose whatsoever.
      (4)   Ask for a pass to any place of amusement or on any public conveyance, except when required for fire duty, and then only through the Fire Chief, or make use of his badge, uniform, or official position to gain admission to any place of amusement or the like, except in the performance of fire duty.
      (5)   Communicate in any unauthorized way any orders he has received, divulge any information which would enable anyone to escape arrest or punishment or enable anyone to dispose of or secret any goods or valuables stolen or otherwise unlawfully obtained.
(Ord. 310.1A, passed 11-6-81)