(A)   Members of the police force shall maintain in a clean and serviceable condition those articles of uniform and equipment as are prescribed for their rank and position and for the duty to which they are assigned.
   (B)   Members of the police force on duty shall be completely and properly uniformed and equipped.
      (1)   Members of the police force shall wear their uniforms securely buttoned.
      (2)   A handkerchief, scarf, or other article that will show above the collar shall not be worn, except when authorized by regulations.
      (3)   Members of the police force shall have in their possession a raincoat of such design and material as may be designated by the Chief of Police.
      (4)   Acorns, badge, handcuffs, revolver, whistle, and baton shall be worn with all uniforms.
   (C)   Members of the police force shall carry their service revolver, badge, and keys at all times, and when in uniform shall display the badge on their outermost garment over the left breast. When in civilian clothes, members of the police force shall wear their badge on the innermost garment over the left breast.  At the scene of a police emergency or disturbance a member of the police force shall display his badge on his outermost garment over his left breast and similarly if at any time it is necessary for him to establish his official identity.
   (D)   All police officers shall wear prescribed uniforms at all times while on duty, keeping in mind that the prescribed uniform may be plain clothes if so ordered by the Chief of Police or superior officers.
   (E)   Members of the police force shall not wear distinguishable portions of their uniforms in conjunction with civilian clothing.
   (F)   Members of the police force, except when otherwise ordered, must wear the prescribed uniform and equipment when attending any court, grand jury, or coroner's inquest, or when responding to any summons or order issued from police headquarters.
   (G)   Except when necessary in the performance of police duty, members of the police force shall not carry packages, bundles, umbrellas, canes, or like impediments while on duty.
   (H)   Any member of the Police Department who reports for duty and who upon being inspected by a superior officer, is found not equipped according to regulations, or his uniform is soiled, shabby, or unpressed, or his person not tidy, shall not be permitted to work that day, shall lose his pay for the time lost, and the case shall be reported to the Chief of Police.  Action under this rule shall be reported as a forced leave.
   (I)   Members of the police force are provided with uniforms, acorns, and a badge, and all members of the Police Department are provided with a manual of rules and regulations and other instruction books as may be designated by the Chief of Police.  These items or any other items so issued remain the property of the Police Department and must be returned to the Chief of Police on leaving the service. Should any article be lost, destroyed, or damaged, the member shall reimburse the Police Department to the extent of its cost.
(Ord. 320.2B, passed 11-6-81)