(A)   A police officer is a person duly qualified, appointed, and sworn to enforce and execute the criminal laws of the state and ordinances of the city.  His authority extends to criminal cases only. If called upon to assist in a civil case, he should refer the applicant to the nearest District Judge.
   (B)   His authority may be exercised whenever circumstances require, whether he is in uniform and on active duty or not.
   (C)   His general duties are to protect life and property, prevent the commission of crime, arrest offenders, and preserve the public peace.  All members of the Police Department shall be charged with the duty of enforcing all laws of the state, the United States government, and ordinances of the city at all times.  They shall arrest any and all persons violating any of these laws in their presence.
(Ord. 320.2B, passed 11-6-81)