(A)   The Parks and Recreation Board is hereby created and established as authorized by KRS 97.030 and shall be organized and empowered as stated therein. Upon the appointment and subsequent approval of members, election of officers, and adoption of its bylaws, its existence shall begin subject to the provisions of KRS Chapter 97. The Parks and Recreation Board may engage in parks and recreation operations within its jurisdiction which shall be contiguous with its political boundary.
   (B)   The Parks and Recreation Board shall consist of five persons to be appointed by the Mayor, to serve for terms of four years and until their successors are appointed, except that the members first appointed shall be one for one year, one for two years, one for three years, and two for four years.  Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments and for the unexpired term.  (KRS 97.030)
   (C)   The Parks and Recreation Board shall elect a Chairperson and any other officers which it deems necessary from among its members.
   (D)   The Parks and Recreation Board shall conduct regular monthly meetings, one of which shall be an annual organizational meeting, for the transaction of its business.  The bylaws adopted by the Parks and Recreation Board shall reflect the schedule of regular meetings, the manner in which notice shall be given, date, time, place, and the subject or subjects to be discussed, as well as the methods of calling and conducting special meetings. A simple majority of the total membership shall constitute a quorum. After a quorum has been established, a simple majority of that quorum may transact any official business except an adoption or amendment of bylaws or elements of the comprehensive recreation plan, in which case a vote of the simple majority of the total membership of the Board shall be necessary.
   (E)   The Parks and Recreation Board shall adopt and approve its bylaws before it may properly transact any business.  The bylaws shall set forth the procedures, rules, and regulations necessary for the Board to conduct its business.  The bylaws shall describe the method for administration of funds, and provide for an annual audit thereof.
   (F)   The Parks and Recreation Board shall have those general powers necessary to carry out its functions in accordance with this section and KRS Chapter 97.
   (G)   Members shall serve without compensation but reimbursement of expenses may be authorized.
(Ord. 710.1, passed 10-8-73)