(A)   Except as provided in § 32.38(B), no ordinance shall be effective until published pursuant to KRS Chapter 424.
   (B)   Ordinances may be published in full or in summary as designated by the Board of Commissioners.  If the Board of Commissioners elects to publish an ordinance in summary, the summary shall be prepared or certified by an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and shall include the following:
      (1)   The title of the ordinance;
      (2)   A brief narrative setting forth the main points of the ordinance in a way reasonably calculated to inform the public in a clear and understandable manner of the meaning of the ordinance; and
      (3)   The full text of each section that imposes taxes or fees.
   (C)   Ordinances that include descriptions of real property may include a sketch, drawing, or map, including common landmarks, such as streets or roads in lieu of metes and bounds descriptions.
(KRS 83A.060 (9))