(A)   All legislative and executive authority of the city is hereby vested in and shall be exercised by the Board of Commissioners.
(KRS 83A.150(3))
   (B)   The Board shall establish all appointive offices and the duties and responsibilities of those offices and codes, rules, and regulations for the public health, safety, and welfare.  (KRS 83A.150(5))
   (C)   The Board shall provide, by ordinance, for sufficient revenue to operate city government and shall appropriate the funds of the city in a budget which provides for the orderly management of city resources.  (KRS 83A.150(5))
   (D)   The Board may require any city officer or employee to prepare and submit to it sworn statements regarding the performance of his official duties, and may otherwise inquire into the conduct of duties of any department, office, or agency of the city.  (KRS 83A.150(6))