(A)   Establishment.  There is hereby established the position of City Attorney.
   (B)   Appointment and qualifications.  The Mayor, with the approval of Board of Commissioners, shall appoint a City Attorney who shall be the general law officer and legal counsel of the city.  The Board of Commissioners may remove the City Attorney at will.  He shall be a licensed practicing attorney of Perry County.  He shall be chosen solely on the basis of his legal qualifications, with special emphasis on actual experience in or knowledge of Kentucky municipal and administrative law.  The City Attorney may also engage in the private practice of law and may hold other public or private employment.
   (C)   Duties and powers.  The City Attorney shall have and exercise all powers and duties assigned to him by statute, this chapter, and such other municipal responsibilities delegated from time to time.  He shall attend all meetings of the Board of Commissioners except budget meetings at which his presence is not specifically requested, shall advise the Mayor, the Board of Commissioners, and all other city officers and employees in all legal matters pertaining to their municipal duties or affecting the interests of the city, shall appear for and defend the city in all legal actions and administrative proceedings in which the city is a party or is interested, shall institute legal action for an in behalf of the city wherever necessary for protection or enforcement of rights or interests of the city, shall prepare and examine ordinances, resolutions, orders, and legal instruments as the Board of Commissioners may direct, and generally shall attend to all legal business of the city.
   (D)   Compensation.  The City Attorney shall be compensated in accordance with the terms of a contract approved by the Board of Commissioners.