A.   The development impact fee shall be paid and collected at the time of issuance of a building permit, or at such time as there is a change of use to a different use which requires a larger impact fee (under such circumstance, the difference in the impact fees will be collected).
   B.   No building permit or special use permit shall be issued for "development" as herein defined unless the impact fee is paid pursuant to this chapter.
   C.   A manufactured/mobile home unit may not locate on a manufactured/mobile home site unless the impact fee is paid pursuant to this chapter or has been paid on a previous manufactured/mobile home unit on the same site, except manufactured/mobile home sites that have been occupied by a unit within the year prior to the effective date of this chapter.
   D.   When it is determined that a project will have extraordinary impacts, the additional fee shall be paid, or bonded for, prior to commencement of construction.
   E.   In the event payment is dishonored, the city shall have all lawful remedies including, but not necessarily limited to, the withholding of utility services, the imposition of liens pursuant to title 45, chapter 5, Idaho Code, the withholding of other city approvals required for the development of other properties owned by the fee payer, the issuance of "stop work" orders, and the revocation or suspension of the building permit or special use permit. (Ord. 211, 4-4-2006)