The provisions of this chapter shall be known as the CITY OF HAYDEN LAKE DEVELOPMENT IMPACT FEE ORDINANCE. The purpose of these regulations is to prescribe the procedure whereby developers of land shall pay an impact fee as set forth in this chapter for the purpose of providing the public facilities and system improvements needed to serve future residents and users of such development. It is further the purpose of this chapter to:
   A.   Ensure that adequate facilities are available to serve new growth and development;
   B.   Promote orderly growth and development by establishing uniform standards by which the city may require that those who benefit from new public facilities need to serve new growth and development;
   C.   Ensure that those who benefit from new growth and development are required to pay no more than their proportionate share of the cost of public facilities needed to serve new growth and development and to prevent duplicate and ad hoc development requirements;
   D.   Collect and expend development impact fees pursuant to the enabling powers granted by the provisions of the Idaho development impact fee act, title 67, chapter 82, Idaho Code;
   E.   Provide the legal and procedural basis for the implementation of development impact fees within the city; and
   F.   Ensure that any capital improvement funded wholly or in part with impact fee revenue shall first be included in an approved capital improvements plan that lists the capital improvements that may be funded with impact fee revenues as well as the estimated costs and projected timing for each improvement. (Ord. 211, 4-4-2006)