7-4-20: GUARANTY:
   A.   Required: Except for major landscaping, the permittee shall guarantee all work for two (2) years after the date of final acceptance. If the permittee, after receiving notice, fails within ten (10) days to comply with the terms of the guaranty, the city may correct any defects at the expense of the permittee. The city may require such surety as it deems reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with this provision.
   B.   Repairs Under Guaranty:
      1.   For a period of one year following completion of work under the permit, the permittee shall be responsible for immediately repairing and making good, upon notice by the City, all changes or damages to any and all features within the public right-of-way or other public place that occur as a result of work performed under the permit and which would not have occurred had such work not been performed.
      2.   In the event that the repairs are not promptly made by the permittee, the City shall have the authority, upon written notice to the permittee, to make such repairs. The actual cost of such work by the City, plus fifteen percent (15%) as an overhead charge, shall be charged to and paid for by the permittee. (Ord. 210, 10-4-2005)