A.   Required: The permittee shall be required to restore all injured and/or damaged surfaces within the public right of way and other public places in accordance with the lines and dimensions shown on the plans and in accordance with the specifications which together describe the work to be performed under the permit.
   B.   Unpaved Surfaces: Restoration of unpaved surfaces shall include, but shall not be limited to, grading, placement of topsoil, seeding, fertilizing, watering, sodding, protecting, repairing and maintaining the area between the edge of the traveled way and the right of way line.
   C.   Gravel, Concrete And Asphalt Surfaces: Restoration of gravel, concrete and asphalt surfaces shall include, but not be limited to, grading, compaction and placement of crushed rock, repair and/or replacement of concrete curbs, walks, driveways and the repair and/or replacement of asphalt surfaces.
   D.   Cutting Surfaces: All concrete and asphalt surfaces requiring repair or replacement shall first be cut with a power saw to form neat perpendicular and/or parallel lines to the right of way lines.
   E.   Full Width Restoration: Where fifty percent (50%) or more of the surface area of pavement has been removed or damaged, full width restoration shall be required. Any strip of remaining pavement less than two feet (2') in width along curb and gutter or pavement edge shall be removed and replaced.
   F.   Cold Joint Surface Tacking: All cold joint surfaces shall be tacked with emulsion which has been properly applied and cured prior to the patching.
   G.   Deviation From Existing Surface: Completed patch shall not deviate from existing surface more than 0.03 feet/10 feet in profile or 0.05 feet/10 feet in cross section when measured with a ten foot (10') straightedge.
   H.   Water Ponding Prohibited: Completed patches shall not pond water.
   I.   Compaction: Backfill, subgrade, ballast and base course shall be compacted to a minimum of ninety five percent (95%) of the maximum dry density as determined by AASHTO 7-99 (standard proctor). Asphalt shall be compacted to a minimum of ninety five percent (95%) of the Marshall density (55 blow method).
   J.   Standards: Materials and constructions of structural repair shall conform to the standards set by the city.
   K.   Trimming: Street surfacing shall be trimmed to a neat straight line with the edges free of dust, moisture or loose material. (Ord. 210, 10-4-2005)