A.   Performed According To Plans: Trench excavating and backfill, as well as all grading, including roadway excavation and embankment, shall be performed by the permittee in accordance with the lines and dimensions shown on the plans and in accordance with the specifications, which together describe the work to be performed under the permit. (Ord. 210, 10-4-2005)
   B.   Compaction Testing: The city shall require that compaction testing by an independent consultant be performed during backfill and grading operations. The cost of such testing shall be borne by the permittee, unless the permittee is an entity that has been granted a utility franchise by the city, in which case the city shall bear the cost of compaction testing. (Ord. 243, 12-20-2010)
   C.   Drainage: All earthwork operations shall be scheduled so as not to disrupt the flow of drainage. Temporary ditches and grading may be required to maintain normal drainage flows. (Ord. 210, 10-4-2005)