A.   Conditions: The issuance of the permit is subject to the following:
      1.   The city clerk shall issue the permit only after all application items have been completed or satisfactorily addressed, all reviews have been completed and all fees have been paid.
      2.   Permits must be secured at least two (2) business days before work commences.
      3.   Permits are not transferable.
      4.   The permittee shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agency, the fire department, the school district and the utility companies at least two (2) business days before work commences when so indicated on the permit.
      5.   The permit shall include the date when the work shall be completed.
      6.   The permit shall be void on the date following the date of completion.
      7.   The permittee shall submit a written request for an extension of time within two (2) business days before the date of completion, if the work is not expected to be completed on time. The request shall state the cause of delay. Upon receiving such a request, the city clerk shall grant a onetime extension of seven (7) days in which the work must be completed. No other extensions of time are allowed. In the event that no work is commenced by the permittee within thirty (30) days of the date that the permit was issued, the permit shall automatically become void.
   B.   Conflicting Provisions: Every permit shall be issued subject to any prior rights or provisions of the city or of any other person, corporation or utility company entitled thereto to use the public right of way or public place for any lawful purpose. (Ord. 210, 10-4-2005)