The purpose of these subdivision regulations is to prescribe the procedures by which:
   A.   A plat is required when a parcel of land is divided into two (2) or more lots, tracts or parcels for the purpose (whether immediate or future) of transfer of ownership or for building development, except as noted herein;
   B.   Proper provisions for streets and roads, including location, design and construction, are made;
   C.   Any plat is made and filed; and
   D.   These regulations shall not apply to the following divisions of land:
      1.   An adjustment of lot lines, as shown on a recorded plat, which does not reduce the area, frontage, width, depth or building setback lines of each building site below the minimum zoning requirements, and does not increase the original number of lots in any block of the recorded plat;
      2.   An allocation of land in the settlement of an estate of a decedent or a court decree for the distribution of property;
      3.   The unwilling sale of land as a result of legal condemnation as defined and as allowed in the Idaho Code;
      4.   The acquisition of street rights of way by a public agency; and
      5.   Any lot or lots forming a part of a subdivision created and recorded prior to the effective date hereof. (Ord. 119, 5-3-1994)