A.   Abandonment Of Use: Whenever a use, which is nonconforming because it is not a permitted activity, discontinues active operation for a continuous period of six (6) months, such nonconforming use shall be considered to be abandoned and may not be resumed. The facilities of such a use may be used thereafter, but only for a permitted activity. A use, which is nonconforming because of dimension or lot size, may resume operations regardless of the period during which it may have discontinued active operation.
   B.   Damage Or Destruction Of Facilities: Whenever a nonconforming facility is damaged or destroyed, the facility may only be restored to accommodate the same nonconforming activity. The restoration must be substantially completed within one year after damage or destruction. If it is not, the nonconforming activity is considered to be abandoned and cannot be restored except for use as a permitted activity.
   C.   Repairs, Alterations And Expansions Of Facilities: Facilities for a use which is nonconforming because the activity is not itself permitted where it is located may be repaired, altered and expanded; provided, no structural alterations or expansions, except those required by law, shall be made to a facility used for a nonconforming activity if such alterations result in an increase in the total amount of space devoted to the nonconforming activity.
   D.   Substitutions: Substitutions are allowed with permission of the city council. A substitution is the replacement of an existing nonconforming activity by a new nonconforming activity, or a change in the nature of an existing nonconforming activity. It does not include a change of ownership, tenancy or management where the previous line of business or other function is substantially unchanged.
   E.   Change To Permitted Activity Or Activity Not Requiring Special Use Permit: Any nonconforming activity may be replaced by an activity permitted in the zoning district. If a nonconforming activity is replaced by a conforming activity, the nonconforming activity shall not be resumed. (Ord. 150, 7-7-1998)