A.   Applicability: This section is applicable to all new development within the City of Hayden that requires a building permit and requires connection to the Hayden sewerage system and those previously unconnected users that are required to connect to the City of Hayden sewer system.
   B.   Basis For Determining Capitalization Fees:
      1.   All new users shall pay the appropriate capitalization fee for existing platted lots at the time the building permit is issued, and for existing developed parcels prior to connecting to the sewer system; this money shall be placed in a special fund for utilization by the City of Hayden for sewer, interceptor, collection, and treatment system construction and obligations for the regional facility.
      2.   The capitalization fee for residential uses shall be based upon a minimum service unit. In no case shall the capitalization fee be less than that for one single-family residence. The capitalization fee for all other users shall be based upon the anticipated flow, which will be monitored on an annual basis and adjusted based upon actual flows. Actual flows for capitalization fees shall be calculated in the same manner as flows for user charges.
      3.   The City reserves the right to adjust a particular flow factor if the initial flow factors are underestimated. When the initial flow factors have been underestimated or the use of the property has changed, the City may charge the user an additional capitalization fee for demonstrated usage of the system beyond that estimated at the time of connection.
      4.   The capitalization fees rates may be adjusted by resolution of the City.
      5.   Any additional capitalization fees that are due based upon the adjusted flows may be paid over a twelve (12) month period in six (6) equal payments added to the City's sewer utility billing. Extended surcharge payment periods not to exceed three (3) years may be granted with City Council approval. (Ord. 422, 6-13-2006; amd. Ord. 596, 5-24-2019)