A.   Applicability: All new subdivisions and construction of new or modified sewerage systems within the City of Hayden.
   B.   Sewer Construction And Administration Policies: It shall be unlawful for any person to construct a sanitary sewer main within the jurisdiction of the City without first having made formal application to the City for approval and having complied with all requirements of the City and regulatory agencies. The right to hook into the system may be granted only by written agreement with the City, which shall have the discretion to accept or deny applications based upon the existing and anticipated availability of capacity at the regional facility and in the collector system. Sewer construction and administration policies are described in more detail as follows:
      1.   The City has prepared a master sewer plan, dated September 30, 2002, and updated periodically, that presents the proposed layout of sewers in the City. New developments requiring an extension of the sewer system shall install sewers in accordance with the depth and alignment presented in the master sewer plan. The City Engineer may make an adjustment in the plan if it enhances the capability of the sewer to service the intended area.
      2.   All new subdivisions shall install collection systems and connect to an existing collector sewer line whether the development is adjacent to a public sewer or not, unless the City Engineer approves otherwise based upon the City Engineer's professional opinion that the connection would require an extension of the sewer line to the property that cannot be accomplished without placing an undue hardship upon the developer.
      3.   A separate water meter to measure irrigation usage separate from other water usage shall be installed by all new users or users modifying their existing use, except for single-family residences, for the purpose of calculating sewer flows.
      4.   No new building shall be connected to an on site sewer system without first providing evidence that there is no other way of providing sewerage service to the property.
      5.   Plans for development extensions of sewer systems shall be submitted to the City along with the application for services. Said plans shall be approved if in compliance with the City's "master sewer plan" and "sewer policies and procedures" and "sewage pump station design policies and procedures". Any study for compliance with the City's standards by the City's Engineer shall be at the developer's expense. Developers or landowners are required to furnish free of charge to the City suitable rights- of-way and/or easements for construction, operation, and maintenance of new, existing or future sewer systems. The City reserves the right to require full or part time inspection of any related construction and/or the developer to expose any section of sewer to check compliance with applicable standards. The cost of such inspection and/or excavation shall be at the expense of the developer. No excavation shall be started until required City fees have been paid and City/highway encroachment permits have been obtained.
      6.   The City Engineer or the engineer's designee is authorized to draft sewer policies and procedures and sewage pump station design policies and procedures, which, when accepted by the City Council, shall be applicable to extensions of the sewer system.
      7.   No certificate of occupancy will be issued for new or existing development connecting to new sewerage systems in public right- of-way or easement until the ownership of the sewer lines and appurtenances are dedicated to the City free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and accepted by the City for maintenance.
      8.   The developer shall provide a bond or other guarantee in an amount equal to twenty five percent (25%) of the construction cost, to provide all repair of new public sewer systems for a period of one year after written acceptance by the City.
      9.   The City may adopt connection fees for new service connections or extensions of public sewer.
   C.   Ownership And Operation Of Facilities; Policy: It shall be the basic policy of the City of Hayden that all liftstations, sewer mains and trunk sewers located in public rights-of-way or dedicated easements to the City for such purposes shall be public sewerage facilities. These sewerage facilities shall, if the same are accepted in writing by the City, be owned, operated, and maintained by the City. Building sewers, service lines, service stubs, and individual pump stations shall be installed, owned, and maintained by individual users, except at the option of the City. The City shall be granted an easement for access and the repair, replacement, and operation of the individual pump stations if the same are accepted in writing by the City. New sewers in public rights-of-way or easements shall become public sewers when accepted by the City. (Ord. 349, 9-17-2003; amd. Ord. 596, 5-24-2019)