It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in aggressive solicitation in any public place. For purposes of this section "aggressive solicitation" is defined as:
   A.   Continuing to solicit from a person after the person has given a negative response to the soliciting;
   B.   Intentionally touching or causing physical contact with another person without that person's consent in the course of soliciting;
   C.   Blocking, obstructing or interfering with the free passage of a pedestrian or vehicle by any means, including unreasonably causing a pedestrian or vehicle operator to take evasive action to avoid physical contact in the course of soliciting;
   D.   Exhibiting threatening conduct or manner toward a person solicited which would cause a reasonable person to be fearful for his or her safety and/or the safety of his or her property;
   E.   Persisting in closely following or approaching the person being solicited and continuing to solicit after the person has informed the solicitor by words or conduct that the person does not want to be solicited or does not want to give money or anything of value to the solicitor;
   F.   Using profane or abusive language in the course of solicitation that would be likely to provoke an immediate defensive reaction from the person being solicited or would cause a reasonable person to be fearful for his or her safety or well being;
   G.   Soliciting money from anyone who is in a fixed location whether waiting in line for tickets, waiting to enter a building at a particular place or for another purpose that limits the ability of a person solicited to move away from a solicitor. (Ord. 530, 10-22-2013, eff. 12-1-2013)