A.   Retail Sales:
      1.   The fire district may require a permit for the retail sale of nonaerial common fireworks.
      2.   If a permit is required, the applications shall be on a form approved by the fire district and shall include the name and address of the applicant (or the names of all partners, if a partnership, the name of the corporation and the corporate officers if a corporation, or the name of the limited liability company and all of its members, if a limited liability company), the primary location of the business, each location at which fireworks are to be stored and the applicant's Idaho sales tax seller's permit number, if applicable.
      3.   The permit and certificate of liability mentioning the local fire district shall be displayed in public view at the location listed on the permit.
   B.   Public Displays Or Other Events:
      1.   The fire district may, at its discretion, issue a permit for public display or other events in the following circumstances:
         a.   After determining that the public display will be supervised by a qualified person and will not constitute an unreasonable hazard to persons or property. Appropriate National Fire Protection Association or city fire code provisions may be used as guidance for this determination.
         b.   After determining that sales and use of fireworks outside the normal sales period provided in Idaho Code 39-2606, or proposing the use of fireworks in addition to nonaerial common fireworks will not constitute an unreasonable hazard to persons or property.
      2.   An application for a permit for public display or other event shall be on a form approved by, and contain the information reasonably requested by the fire district.
      3.   The permit shall be nontransferable, shall list the specific date or dates upon which the display or event shall occur and the types of fireworks and uses that will be allowed.
      4.   Alteration of fireworks may be performed by a person in possession of a valid public display permit.
      5.   If a public display or other event using fireworks is to be held over a lake, river or other navigable waterway in the city, the applicant must obtain a marine event permit from the sheriff. (Ord. 558, 6-28-2016)