A.   No person shall subdivide or resubdivide land, or create a planned unit development, subject to the jurisdiction of the village, without having first complied with the provisions of this title.
   B.   Prior to the review of any proposed subdivision, resubdivision or planned unit development, the applicant shall submit an executed draw down deposit agreement in the form approved by the village.
   C.   The approvals required under the provisions of this title shall be obtained prior to:
      1.   The installation of any public improvements, or the issuance of any building permits.
      2.   Any development of the property.
      3.   Offering for sale, entering into an option or a contract for the sale, or selling any portion of the property for which compliance with this title is required. (Ord. 439-89, 12-11-1989; amd. 1995 Code; Ord. 1352-10, 11-15-2010; Ord. 1972-19, 9-23-2019)