By being issued and accepting a license pursuant to this chapter, a licensee agrees to the following:
   A.   If any court of competent jurisdiction finds that any licensee has violated any provision of this chapter, or any other provision of this code, such court shall award to the village all of the village's costs related to the enforcement of this chapter, including, but not limited to, court costs, attorney fees, and administrative costs.
   B.   In the event any court fails or refuses to award the village all of its costs as provided for hereinabove, such unpaid costs shall constitute an additional license fee which shall be due and payable prior to the renewal of any license hereunder. Such additional license fee shall be in addition to the license fee otherwise required by the provisions of this chapter. No license shall be renewed until such time as all costs provided for by this section have been paid. (Ord. 1187-06, 10-23-2006)