A.    The regulations governing plats and subdivision of land contained herein will apply within the boundaries of the city and within all unincorporated areas within the city's orderly annexation area as defined by the comprehensive plan and as permitted by Minnesota Statutes Annotated section 462.358. In the event of overlapping jurisdiction within the prescribed area, the extent of overlapping jurisdiction will be determined and agreed upon between the city and the other municipality or municipalities concerned. This title is not intended to repeal, annul, or in any way impair or interfere with restrictive covenants running with the land except those specifically repealed by, or in conflict with, this title.
   B.    No land may be subdivided through the use of any legal description other than with reference to a plat approved by the planning commission in accordance with these regulations.
   C.    No land described in this section shall be subdivided or developed until each of the following conditions has occurred in accordance with these regulations:
      1.    The subdivider or his agent has submitted a conforming sketch plan of the subdivision to the administrator for the planning commission;
      2.    The subdivider or his agent has obtained approval of the sketch plan, a preliminary plat when required, and a final plat from the planning commission and the city council;
      3.    The subdivider or his agent files the approved plats with the Clay County recorder. (Ord. 232, 12-2-2002)