1.   Incorporation; powers generally
   2.   Corporate limits
   3.   Governing body generally; elections and terms of office for mayor and board of commissioners; vacancies in office
   3A.   Council-manager form of government
   4.   Election for incorporation – Call for election; conduct and expenses of election
   5.   Same – Voting ballots generally
   6.   Election of original governing body
   7.   Terms of members of original governing body
   8.   Repeal of conflicting laws
Editor’s note:
   The Charter herein set out is contained in Session Laws 1959, Chapter 952, ratified and effective 6-12-1959. The name and style of the municipality was amended to the “City of Havelock” by an ordinance adopted by the municipality on 8-14-1972, pursuant to the authority and procedure provided in G.S. §§ 160A-101 and 160A-102. Acts amending the Charter are cited following the section affected.
    Unless so indicated, the section derives unchanged from the original act. A uniform system of capitalization has been employed and catchlines and a Charter analysis have been added for the convenience of the user.