(a)   All city owned or operated parking lots or parking areas will be marked with a distinctive sign designating the parking area or lot as public parking area.
   (b)   No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended in a public parking area in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of the public parking area. No person shall improperly stand or park a vehicle in a public parking area.
      (1)   Motor vehicles must be parked within marked parking stalls;
      (2)   Motor vehicles must be properly licensed;
      (3)   Motor vehicles must not be parked for longer than eight hours;
      (4)   All regulatory signs must be observed as on a public road;
      (5)   Motor vehicles will not be disassembled or left in an unroadworthy condition in a public parking area;
      (6)   Motor vehicles must not be parked closer than one foot of another parked vehicle;
      (7)   Motor vehicles leaking or spilling fluids or other debris shall not be parked in public parking areas.
      (8)   Motor vehicles over five ton gross vehicle weight shall not be parked in public parking areas.
   (c)   Whenever any police officer finds a vehicle unattended in violation of division (b) of this section, such officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle to the nearest garage or other place of safety as designated by the Chief of Police. (1993 Code 76.09)