(a)   There is established in the unclassified service within the Police Department an auxiliary police unit, the members of which shall be appointed by the Mayor.
   (b)   Auxiliary Police Officers shall serve so long as the Mayor may direct, or until the resignation submitted by such members shall be accepted by the Mayor.
   (c)   The Chief of Police shall be the commanding officer of the auxiliary police unit and shall have control of the assignment, training, stationing and the direction of work of such unit.  The auxiliary police unit will have all police powers as directed by the Chief of Police.
   (d)   The Chief of Police shall determine the qualifications for membership of the auxiliary police unit, prescribe the rules and regulations, administration, conduct and control of the auxiliary unit.
   (e)   As compensation for their services, auxiliary police officers shall be paid one dollar ($1.00) annually.  (Ord. 7-18.  Passed 3-6-18.)