(a)   Layoff Procedure.
      (1)   When it becomes necessary in any department through lack of work or funds, or for other causes, to reduce the number of employees in a given class, employees without civil service status shall be laid off first, in such order as the department head determines. Such employees are not given any preference if the positions are ultimately restored.
      (2)   If it becomes necessary to lay off an employee in the classified service, the layoff will be made in inverse order of seniority.
      (3)   If the employee subject to layoff occupies a class normally filled by promotion, demotion in lieu of layoff will be applied. The employee with the least seniority in the class will be demoted in lieu of layoff, provided his or her seniority exceeds that of the newest employee in the lower class.
   (b)     Recall.  Employees holding permanent positions in the classified service who have been laid off will be listed on an appropriate layoff list. In case of vacancy in the same position in the same department, such an employee shall be recalled if the vacancy occurs within one year of layoff. These employees may also be recalled for work in other departments, or in other similar classes, subject to approval of the Commission.
(Ord. 1-17.  Passed 1-17-17.)