(a)     Posting of Lists. From the results of each component of the examination, the Commission shall prepare and keep open to public inspection an eligibility list of the persons whose average grade in the examination for the class is not less than 70 and who are otherwise eligible. These persons shall be notified and take rank upon the eligibility list in the order of their relative grades without reference to priority of time of examination. When, for any reason, the Commission shall hold an examination to create an eligibility list for any grade of the service while there are persons eligible on any existing list for such grades, and any person on such existing list takes such examination, each shall be given standing on such combined list to which the highest grade received in either examination shall entitle him/her during the continuance of the first list,; and thereafter, the individual shall take rank in accordance with the grade received on the subsequent examination.
     (b)     Duration of Lists. The term of eligibility of each list and the names appearing thereon shall be fixed by the Commission at not less than one year nor more than two years. Any list that has been in effect for more than one year may be abolished at any time required in the public interest.
     (c)     Removal from List. The name of any person appearing on an eligibility list who fails to report or arrange within three days after the time of certification (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays excepted) for an interview with an appointing authority, who fails to respond to a notice from the Commission, who declines an appointment without reasons satisfactory to the secretary or who cannot be located by the postal authorities, shall be notified to this effect unless his/her whereabouts are unknown. The person's name may be reinstated on the eligibility list only in case a thoroughly satisfactory explanation of the circumstances is made to the secretary and Commission. In case an eligible person's name appears on more than one list, a permanent appointment to a position in one class shall cause his his/her name to be removed from other eligible eligibility lists for classes in which the salary is equal or lower.
     (d)     Disqualification of Eligible Persons and Employees on Layoff Lists. At any time after the creation of an eligibility list of layoffs the Commission has reason to believe that any person whose name appears on any list is disqualified for appointment or recall because of any of the following listed reasons developed subsequent to the individual's examination or any layoff:
            (1)     Incapacity, either physical or mental.
            (2)     Errors disclosed in computing his scores.
            (3)   False statements made in his application.
            (4)     Personal activity in violation of the rules of the Civil Service Commission or Ohio  R.C. 124.62.
            (5)     Any other similar reasons.
            (6)     Failure to obtain a passing score on any component of an entrance examination.
   The individual shall be notified and given an opportunity to be heard. If such person fails to appear for hearing, or upon said person being heard fails to satisfy the Commission, his/her name shall be removed from the appropriate list.
     (e)       Change of Address. Each person on an eligibility list shall file with the Commission written notice of any change of address, and failure to do so may cause his his/her name to be removed from the list.
     (f)     Revocation of List. An eligibility list may be revoked and another examination ordered only when, in the judgment of the Commission, such action is deemed advisable on account of errors, fraud, or obviously inappropriate standards, prescribed inappropriate standards that may have been prescribed in connection with any examination. All competitors in the first examination shall be given an opportunity to compete and a new eligibility list shall be established.
   No eligibility list shall be altered or revoked except upon written notice to all persons whose standing may be affected and upon an entry of the reasons for such alteration or revocation in the minutes of the Commission.  (Ord.  7-19.  Passed 3-5-19.)