(a)     Notice of Examination. Notice of competitive entrance examination (open to persons employed in the civil service and to those who have not been so employed) shall be given by advertisement in a newspaper of general circulation and by posting notices conspicuously in the offices of the Commission and elsewhere as may be deemed advisable, not less than two weeks prior to such examination. This requirement may be waived in the case of special examinations for positions in connection with which there is substantial difficulty in obtaining qualified applicants and for which non-assembled examinations are found necessary.
       (b)       Application to be Made in Person. Applicants must fill out their application forms in person and in ink. All applications shall be completed, signed and sworn, or affirmed to, and filed in the offices of the Commission not later than the date specified in the announcement of the examination in the official bulletin of the Commission.
       (c)      Citizenship.  All applicants must be citizens of the United States.
   (d)     Commission to Rule on Age Requirements.  The Commission may establish maximum and minimum age limits for each examination. Age limits, however, may be waived, at the discretion of the Commission for employees of the civil service who wish to compete in open competitive examinations, for which they have the necessary qualifications. The secretary may accept applications of persons under the minimum age limit if in his/her judgment the eligibility list will not be posted before such applicant reached the minimum age limit. An applicant will be deemed to be within the age limits any time within the month in which the examination is held.
     (e)     Commission to Rule on Educational Requirements.  The Commission may establish general or specialized educational requirements for open competitive examinations. Educational requirements, however, may be waived by the Commission for employees of the civil service who wish to compete in open competitive examinations for which they are otherwise qualified.
     (f)     Rejection of Application. The secretary may, subject to appeal to the Commission, reject any application for cause, among which the following shall be sufficient:
      (1)   The applicant lacks any of the minimum qualifications;
      (2)   The applicant is not within the prescribed age limits;
      (3)   The applicant does not meet the physical requirements of the position to which he seeks appointment, is addicted to the excessive use of drugs or intoxicating beverages, has been guilty of a crime or of disgraceful conduct, or has been dismissed, or allowed to resign from previous employment for flagrant delinquency or misconduct;
      (4)   The applicant has made a false statement in his/her application with regard to any material fact;
      (5)   The applicant was previously in the classified service in the same or any other type of employment and was removed for cause and did not resign in good standing;
      (6)   The applicant, after notification, did not promptly attend at the time and place designated for the examination;
      (7)   The Commission has rejected the applicant within the past six months for any examination because of poor work record, or has rejected the applicant for the same or similar classification because of arrest record, or has rejected the applicant for same or similar classification for failing to meet the minimum qualifications set forth in the official announcement, unless the applicant has accrued the required qualifications during that period;
      (8)   The applicant failed or was disqualified from an examination for the same or similar classification within the preceding six months; provided that an applicant who is disqualified for medical reasons only may compete, upon presentation of medical evidence that the condition causing the disqualification has been corrected;
      (9)   The applicant filed a previous application for the same examination, in which case, both applications are subject to rejection.
       (g)     Veteran's Preference.  Any veteran of the armed services of the United States who has been honorably discharged or transferred to the reserve with satisfactory service and is a resident of the State may file with the Civil Service Commission a certificate or other authoritative proof of service and honorable discharge; whereupon, the individual shall receive additional credit of 5 points given in any written application for entrance examination for which the individual receives a passing grade. This certificate of discharge or evidence of transfer must be shown at the time of filing the application or when the applicant presents himself/herself for the examination. No credit will be given to an applicant whose discharge was other than honorable.  A veteran's preference shall not be applied to promotional examinations under §145.10 of this Ordinance.
     (h)     Postponement and Cancellation of Examinations. Any examination may be postponed or canceled at the discretion of the secretary. In either case each applicant shall be notified of the postponement or cancellation, and the action, together with the cause thereof, reported to the Commission and an entry made in its minutes.
     (i)     Fees.  A reasonable fee, as determined by a majority vote of the Commission, shall be charged for examination applications.  Any fee established pursuant to this section may be waived by the Commission if the applicant is determined by the Commission to be indigent.
(Ord. 1-17.  Passed 1-17-17.)