(a)     Classification Plan. The classes of positions described in the "classification plan," with such modifications as may be made thereto from time to time in accordance with these rules, shall constitute the official classification plan for all positions in the service of the Municipality. No person shall be employed or regularly assigned to work under any title not appropriate to the duties to be performed. The "classification plan" is made a part of these rules.
     (b)     Class Specifications.  The secretary shall maintain a record showing for each class the title, duties performed, responsibilities involved, minimum qualifications required of applicants seeking appointments, and the standard scale of compensation. The official copy of this record, together with all amendments thereto, shall bear the secretary's initials and shall be open to public inspection at all reasonable times.
     (c)     Allocation of Positions to Classes. The secretary shall study each position in the municipal service and shall determine its appropriate classification. Whenever a new classification is established, or the duties of an existing classification changed materially, he/she shall prepare or revise the class specification. No new or revised title may be adopted without the approval of the Council, which shall thereupon establish a rate of pay for the classification. Following Council adoption, the approved title shall be used in payroll records, requests for the certification of those persons eligible, and in all other similar documents and processes.
     (d)     Reclassification of Positions. Whenever a new or revised title is approved by the Council, the Commission shall determine whether the incumbent, if any, shall be reclassified to the new title without further examination, or whether an examination shall be required.
(Ord. 1-17.  Passed 1-17-17.)