(a)   Officers.  The Civil Service Commission, upon the appointment of the new member, or the re-appointment of an old member at the expiration of a regular term, shall proceed to the election of a chairman and vice chairman.
   (b)     Civil Service Secretary. The Civil Service Secretary shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Civil Service Commission. The person so appointed shall serve as secretary to the Commission. Subject to the approval of the Commission, the individual shall have charge of preparing examination schedules, holding examinations, certifying those persons eligible, keeping the official roster and other records, and recommending persons to serve as special examiners when necessary. The individual shall maintain an office in the Harrison Community Center.
     (c)     Official Signatures. The Chairman of the Commission, or in his/her absence or incapacity, the vice chairman, together with the secretary, shall sign the minutes of the official acts of the Commission.
     (d)  Powers and Duties of the Commission. The Commission shall direct the administration and enforcement of the civil service law and of its own rules. Whenever the Commission shall have reason to believe that any officer, board, commission or person concerned with appointment, layoff, suspension or removal, has abused such power by making or recommending any action in violation of the civil service law or these rules, it shall be the duty of the Commission to make investigation, and if it shall find that such violation of the provisions or intent and spirit of the law and rules has occurred, it shall make a report thereof to the chief appointing authority officer, board, commission, or other persons. An opportunity of being publicly heard in person or by counsel in the individual's own defense shall first be given to such officer, board, commission, or person.
(Ord. 1-17.  Passed 1-17-17.)