749.01  FEE.
   Following notice of a video service provider’s (herein after “VSP”) intent to offer service in the City pursuant to Ohio R.C. 1332.27 and as compensation for the benefits and privileges granted under the State of Ohio video service authorization and in consideration of permission to use the City’s streets and rights-of-way, the VSP shall pay to the City a video service provider fee in the amount of five percent (5%) of the  VSP’s gross revenues, additionally including advertising revenues, as defined by Ohio R.C. 1332.32. Notice of this video service provider fee shall be served upon the VSP by the Mayor, or duly appointed designee, within ten (10) days of the City receiving notice of the VSP’s intent to offer service in the municipal corporation.
(Ord. 11-08.  Passed 2-5-08.)