A.   Purpose
The purpose of the B-2, Mixed Use District, is to permit a variety of uses to be developed in combination and at varying intensities within a single parcel or collection of parcels in order to create desirable live/work environments at an appropriate scale. The District is intended to:
      1.   Encourage attractive and distinctive developments that create a sense of place within the City;
      2.   Further the implementation of the City of Harrison Comprehensive Plan;
      3.   Provide a suitable transition with existing or planned uses on surrounding properties;
      4.   Permit a mix of related and compatible residential and non- residential uses within a single development that afford desirable employment and living opportunities;
      5.   Provide relief from the rigid segregation of uses found in other zoning districts;
      6.   Promote walkable environments ; and
      7.   Facilitate the provision of affordable housing.
   B.   Permitted Uses
      1.   Any retail business, up to fifty thousand (50,000) square feet of gross floor area, provided all activities are conducted within a completely enclosed building.
      2.   Personal service establishments, such as barber shops, beauty salons, tailors, shoe repair, and similar uses.
      3.   Restaurants, excluding drive-in or drive-through.
      4.   Health and recreational facilities.
      5.   Banks and other financial institutions, with or without drive-in or drive- through facilities
      6.   Business and professional offices.
      7.   Medical and dental offices and clinics.
      8.   Single family and two-family dwellings, not exceeding four(4) dwelling units per acre
      9.   Public non-commercial facilities such as parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, and community centers, operated with or without a fee.
      10.   Public or private schools.
      11.   Churches and other place of public religious worship.
      12.   Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to the above uses.
   C.   Conditional Uses
      1.   Outdoor display or sales areas, accessory to a principal use.
      2.   Single family, two-family, townhouse, or multiple family dwellings, exceeding four(4) dwellings per acre.
      3.    Zero lot-line homes.
      4.   Adult group homes.
      5.    Nursing homes, elderly assisted living, and elderly retirement housing.
   D.   Qualifying Conditions The following minimum conditions must be met for any B-2, Mixed Use District:
      1.   The minimum site size shall be twenty (20) contiguous acres.
      2.   The site shall be under single or common ownership by a single entity.
      3.   The site must be served by central or public water and sewer facilities.
      4.   The site shall abut and have direct access to an arterial street, as designated in the City Comprehensive Plan.
      5.   All individual uses within the development shall be served by an interior street network. No use shall have direct access to an abutting public street.
      6.   A system of sidewalks, pathways, or similar pedestrian facilities shall be provided throughout the development to line and provide access to all uses.
      7.   The site shall be designated "Planned Mixed Use Employment Area" on the City’s comprehensive Plan future land use map.
   E.    Development Standards
Refer to Section 1143.12 for development standards pertaining to this District. For commercial and office uses, the standards of the B-4 District shall apply. For residential, public, and institutional uses, the standards of the R-4 District shall apply.
      (Ord. 15-14.  Passed 10-21-14.)