Within the City, all commercial/retail aprons, new construction and/or reconstructed aprons shall comply with the following standards:
   (a)   Each commercial/retail property will be allowed one apron per 100' FF (front footage), one additional apron for properties with more than 100' FF.  If a property owner requests more than two aprons, (min. 200' FF), the Street Committee of Harrison will be the granting authority.
   (b)   Corner commercial/retail property aprons will be constructed as close to the property line from the intersection as practical.
   (c)   Commercial/retail property aprons will have a 36' bottom width maximum and will be constructed of Portland Cement Concrete, Class “C”.
      9" thick with a tine or heavy broom finish.
   (d)   Adjacent commercial/retail aprons will be no closer than 60' horizontal, centerline- to-centerline, variance will be at the discretion of the Street Committee.
   (e)   Commercial/retail aprons will be built, whenever possible, directly across from the apron on the other side of street, centerline-to-centerline, to create better sight distance.
      (Ord. 13-2006.  Passed 5-2-06.)