An applicant for a change of address shall comply with the following requirements before the Mayor may approve the applicant’s requested change of address.
   (a)   Address changes shall be handled by the City Building Department.
   (b)   Applicant shall complete the “Request for Change of Address” form, attached to original Ordinance 34-04, and return the completed form to the City Building Department.
   (c)   Applicant shall pay a non-refundable request fee in the amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) to the City Building Department.
   (d)   All address changes are subject to a comprehensive review by the City, and final discretionary approval of the Mayor.
   (e)   The City will not accommodate any non-sequential house number or any house address using fractions or letters.
   (f)   Applicant must sign a liability waiver which releases the City from any and all liability in cases such as misdirected mail, failed or delayed response of emergency services, etc. during the first sixty days following the approved address change.
   (g)   Applicant assumes responsibility for notification of at least the following agencies, and shall provide verification of notification of the following agencies to the City Building Department:
      (1)   Hamilton County Auditor’s Office.
      (2)   Hamilton County Planning and Zoning Department.
      (3)   United States Postal Service.
      (4)   City Utilities Department.
      (5)   City Tax Department.
      (6)   Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company.
   (h)   The Mayor may only grant Applicant’s request upon the verification that the above conditions have been satisfied and a recommendation from the City Planning Commission is received.
      (Ord. 34-04.  Passed 7-6-04.)