(a)   Electric and telephone service shall be provided within each subdivision. Gas service may be required where reasonably accessible. Whenever such facilities are reasonably accessible and available, they may be required to be installed within the area prior to the approval of the final plat. Telephone, electric, and street lighting wires, conduits, and cables shall be constructed underground except in cases where the Public Works Director and/or the County Engineer determines that topographic, bedrock, or underground water conditions would result in excessive costs to the subdivider.
   (b)   Overhead utility lines, where permitted, shall be located at the rear of all lots unless the City Engineer, upon the recommendation of utility company, provides reasons that justify the location of easements at another location. The width of the easement per lot shall be not less than ten (10) feet and the total easement width shall be not less than twenty (20) feet.
   (c)   Whenever a sanitary sewer line and electric and/or telephone line are each placed underground in the same utility easement, the total easement width shall be not less than twenty (20) feet.
   (d)   Whenever a major gas transmission line is on or adjacent to property proposed to be subdivided, adequate measures shall be taken to insure that all buildable sites are at a minimum safe distance from the transmission line easement, as recommended by the gas transmission company and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.