1105.07  EASEMENTS.
   (a)   Easements may be provided adjacent to each side of and contiguous with all proposed rights-of-way. Sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and waterlines will be placed within the right-of-way. Such easements shall be used for any and all public or private underground utilities. Utility or drainage easements across lots or along side or rear lot lines shall be a minimum of twenty (20) feet in width. Easements shall give access to every lot, park, or public grounds.
   (b)   Recommendations on the proposed layout of telephone and electric company easements should be sought from all of the utility companies serving the area. It shall be the responsibility of the subdivider to submit copies of the preliminary plan to all appropriate public utility companies.
   (c)   Easements shall be provided for storm drainage purposes. Such easements shall conform substantially with the lines of any natural water course, channels, streams or creeks which traverse the subdivision or for any new channel which is established to substitute for an existing natural watercourse, channel, stream or creek. Such easements shall be of sufficient width to provide adequate area for maintenance, however, they shall not be less than twenty (20) feet. Provisions of an easement in no way makes the City responsible for maintenance of storm water facilities. The plat shall specify the entity or person responsible for maintenance of storm water facilities.
   (d)   Whenever practicable, the utilities shall be placed underground, according to the standards of the appropriate utility company.
   (e)   The location of mailboxes and similar structures in the right-of-way of a public or private street shall be constructed so as to not create a hazard to the public and shall be constructed pursuant to standards of the Ohio Department of Transportation.