If any structure was built prior to the adoption of amendment of this Ordinance that could not be built under the terms of this Ordinance by reason of restrictions on area, lot coverage, height, yards, its location on the lot, building, or other requirements concerning the structure, such structure may be continued so long as it remains otherwise lawful, subject to the following provisions:
   A.   If a structure is non-conforming due to a yard requirement, the structure may be enlarged or increased provided it does not increase its non-conformity.  For example, if a structure is non-conforming due to a front yard setback, the structure may be enlarged only to the extent that the previously established front yard setback is not further reduced.
   B.   If a non-conforming building or structure which has been damaged by fire, explosion, act of God or other circumstance to the extent of more than sixty percent (60%) of its fair market value, it shall not be restored or reconstructed except in conformity with regulations of the zoned district in which the building or structure is located.
      1.   When a non-conforming use qualifies for reconstruction through damage, a building permit shall be secured for that purpose and reconstruction shall be diligently completed without delay.  Failure to reconstruct within one (1) year of damage revokes the right to non-conforming use, and the premises shall conform thereafter to the established district regulations.
   C.   Should a non-conforming structure be moved for any reason for any distance whatsoever, it shall thereafter conform to the regulations for that district in which it is located after it is moved.