A.    Conditions Governing Mineral Extraction
Excavation, stripping, quarrying, and processing operations employed in the extraction of minerals, clay, sand, gravel, and topsoil shall be conducted in such a manner as to eliminate as far as practicable noise, vibration, or dust which would injure or annoy persons living or working in the vicinity of the operations. Access ways or roads within the premises shall be maintained in a dust free condition through surfacing or such other treatment as may be necessary.  Performance Requirements of this Zoning Ordinance shall be met.
   B.    Location.
Excavation for extraction purposes shall be located at least one hundred (100) feet from a street right-of-way line and the property lines bounding the extraction area. Stripping of topsoil shall not be conducted closer than one hundred (100) feet to any residential property or district. Plants or equipment for processing of extracted materials or other approved operations shall not be located nearer than five hundred (500) feet to the boundary of the land included in an area approved for extraction purposes in any other district.
   C.    Rehabilitation Plan.
Extraction shall be permitted only from areas for which there is a Rehabilitation Plan approved by the Council. Rehabilitation Plans shall include the following:
      1.    A grading plan showing existing contours for the extraction area and proposed future contours showing the manner in which the area is to be restored. Plans shall be drawn to an appropriate scale with contour lines at intervals of five (5) feet or less.
         a)    Existing and proposed drainage of the area.
         b)    Details of regrading and revegetation of the site during and at completion of operations.
      2.    Required Rehabilitation
The following requirements shall be met in the Rehabilitation Plan:
         a)    The banks of all extraction, when not back-filled shall be sloped at a grade of not less than two (2) feet horizontal to one (1) foot vertical. The slope shall be maintained twenty (20) feet beyond the water line if such exists.
         b)    Spoil banks shall be graded to a level compatible with the terrain.
         c)    All banks and extracted areas shall be surfaced with a suitable soil cover, except exposed rock surfaces, and shall be planted or seeded with trees, shrubs, legumes or grasses, and maintained until soil is stabilized.
         d)    Upon completion of extraction operations the area shall either be left as a permanent spring-fed lake or the floor thereof shall be leveled in such manner as to prevent the collection and stagnation of water and to provide proper drainage without excessive soil erosion.
         e)    All equipment, buildings and structures for which no future use is contemplated and for which no other acceptable use is practicable or feasible, shall be removed within three (3) months of the completion of extraction operations.
            (Ord. 26-18.  Passed 7-17-18.)