In addition to all other applicable provisions of this Ordinance, Adult Group Homes shall comply with the following criteria.
   A.    Evidence is presented that the proposed facility meets the certification, licensing or approval requirements of the appropriate state agency.
   B.    Evidence is presented that the proposed facility meets local fire safety requirements for the proposed use and level of occupancy.
   C.    No such facility may be located within six hundred feet (600') of another such facility.
   D.    The exterior of all such facilities shall not be altered in character but shall be compatible with other residential dwellings. However, any improvement required by code or necessitated by licensing requirements shall not be deemed incompatible.
   E.    Such facility shall be reasonably accessible by virtue of its location or transportation provided by the applicant to medical, recreational, and retail services required by its residents, and to employment opportunities, if applicable, and shall be in a relatively safe and stable neighborhood.
   F.    The applicant shall provide a plan to the Director of Zoning or his/her authorized representative, indicating the manner in which the facility will maintain contact with neighborhood residents, to include a structured procedure whereby their grievances may be filed and resolved.
   G.    The applicant shall provide documentation indicating the need for the facility, the specific clientele it will serve, and the location and type of similar facilities operated by the applicant to the Planning Commission.
      (Ord. 26-18.  Passed 7-17-18.)