A.   Purpose
The purpose of the B-4 General Business District is to encourage the establishment of business uses to meet the needs of a regional market area.  Shopping centers and large space users should be the predominant building approach.  General Business Districts shall be located on most arterial thoroughfares and closely associated with major interchange areas along limited access highways and primary thoroughfares in the City.
   B.   Permitted Uses
      1.   Any use permitted in Section 1143.04B.
      2.   Hotels and motels.
      3.   Hospitals (ambulatory and emergency care) and clinics for the care of humans.
      4.   Funeral Homes.
      5.   Cemeteries.
      6.   Restaurants with or without drive-in or drive-through.
      7.   Car washes.
      8.   Automotive, sales and services.
      9.   Convenience stores with or without drive-in or drive-through facility.
      10.   Supermarkets and shopping centers.
      11.    Beer and wine carryout.
      12.   Theaters and concert halls.
      13.   Night clubs, bowling alleys, and similar places of amusement or entertainment.
      14.   Tavern, bar, club, lodge (private or public), and dance hall.
      15.   Carpenter, electrical, plumbing, paint, heating shops, furniture upholstering, and similar enterprises, not including contractor’s yards.
      16.   General merchandise and apparel, including department stores.
      17.   Furniture and home furnishings stores.
      18.   Other retail, including hardware, automotive supply, paint and wallpaper, music and records, and sporting goods.
      19.   General service and repair establishments.
      20.   Printing, publishing, and other commercial advertising.
      21.   Funeral homes.
      22.   Nursing homes, elderly assisted living, and elderly retirement housing.
      23.   Medical and dental offices, and other offices for conducting a profession or the administration of a trade or business.
      24.   Automated teller machines located outside the building of an existing use.
   C.   Conditional Uses
      1.   On-site living quarters for property manager.
      2.   Amusement arcades.
      3.   Animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, kennels.  Exercise runs shall be enclosed on four (4) sides by unpierced fence or wall at least five feet (5') in height.
      4.   Automotive service stations and repair garages.
      5.   Boat, trailer, farm implement, recreational vehicle and manufactured home sales and service.
      6.   Indoor and outdoor commercial and noncommercial recreational facilities.
      11.   EDITOR’S NOTE:  Former subsection C.11. was repealed by Ordinance 64-09.
      12.   Any other use determined by the Board of Zoning Appeals to be similar to those uses listed above. 
   D.   Development Standards
Refer to Section 1143.12 for development standards pertaining to this District.
   (Ord. 15-14.  Passed 10-21-14.)